1. Pat yourself on the back for your successes.

When we lose, we spend tons of time examining and pondering on each part of our losses, perhaps hoping to look for excuses and reasons for those losses. Why would you contemplate too much on those negative things when you can focus more on your gambling wins? Spend more time praising yourself, and patting yourself on the back for all those successes. You deserve that.

2. Stop telling people about your gambling losses.

Nobody cares about your gambling losses. The people around you are just being nice and polite. Stop telling them the same old story. You don’t need any affirmation and validation. It’s better to talk about something else.

3. Don’t chase the money.

Throwing more money at a casino losing streak is like treating mumps with measles. It will never work. Remember that the primary key to gambling wins is minimizing the losses. At the end of the day, you will win and lose. Acknowledge the losing streak for what it is. From there, adjust your game play accordingly.

4. Keep in mind that chance is neutral.

Every aspect in our lives is changing and ephemeral. All of theme will change in time. The same applies with your luck at the casino. Sometimes, you win. At times, you lose. Continue your routine with this in mind. There are tons of online casino games in Thailand that you can enjoy. As long as you play healthily and happily, you are going to be just fine.

5. Hate the online casino game, not the players.

At some point, you will encounter annoying people at the tables of local hold’em tournaments. Well, it’s not right to hate this person. After all, he is just an average Joe. Just like you, he wants to step up his game. Feel free to express your annoyance for a few minutes, but hating him for days is not healthy.