Malacca or (Melaka) is a much tamer city compared to Kuala Lumpur, but despite its softer nature, the city actually has plenty to offer both locals and tourists alike.

In fact, the city of Malacca was deemed as the Venice of the East back then because of the slower pace of life. Despite losing the title, it is still one of the best cities to visit when you go to Malaysia.

From its rich heritage sites to some hotspots that can visit on foot, here are some of the best things to do in Melaka:

Party with the Girls

Despite it being much tamer than Kuala Lumpur, this is not to say that you cannot enjoy your time here. Partygoers will surely love the fact that Melaka offers some fine girl escorts in the city. Party all night with these gorgeous ladies!

Menara Taming Sari

The first thing that you want to do in Melaka would be to go to the Menara Taming Sari which is a gyro tower that provides you with a complete 360-degree view of the entire city.

A 7-minute ride up the tower and down is more than enough time for you to see what the city has to offer.

Up top, you will find the Independence Memorial Building, St. Paul’s Hill, as well as many others.

River Cruise

There is a reason why Melaka was given the UNESCO Heritage Site distinction and that is mainly because of the many historical places that you can visit in the city.

To catch a glimpse of some of them, you can take a 45-minute cruise down the Melaka River. Marvel at the traditional Malay Village of Kampung Morten and some of the amazing street arts of Jonker Walk.

Botanical Garden

Melaka, even though it is much tamer than Kuala Lumpur, can still get busy at times. If you want a more peaceful environment, head on over to the Ayer Keroh Botanical Garden.

This place is home to over 300 species of flora and fauna and people can visit the garden to take a leisurely stroll or even a healthy jog or a long bike ride if you prefer.

Book lovers can head on over to the Book Village located at the center of the garden. Here, you will find more than 15,000 books which makes it quite ideal for book lovers to consume a lot of content peacefully.

Buy Some Local Products

Malaysia, as a whole, is a country known for its diverse food culture and that is evident in Melaka as well.

If you are here, be sure to visit some of the local stores to buy some amazing local food products. I suggest that you can go to Tan Kim Hock to buy some delicious coconut candies and dodol.

If you want to experience what it’s like to eat Durian that is infused with chocolate, head on over to San Shu Gong.

Nyonya Eateries

The Peranakans are descendants of 15 th Century Chinese Immigrants and they’ve imparted their food culture in Malaysia as well.

Nyonya foods are Peranakan foods that you can enjoy in various eateries scattered all over the metro. Be sure to sample some of the flavors while you are here.