Businesses, schools, and people can all make use of mobile app development.
Developing an app that can help ease the lives of many is certainly a dream for many
app developers, but for one to achieve that, one must create an ultimate mobile
application development strategy.

If you want to devise a great plan of action, especially in creating a mobile app, then you
want to read through the rest of the article to find out some really good actionable tips.

Conduct Research to Gain Important Information

Depending on who is using the app, market research is always necessary to find out the
users’ motivations, features that they want to be included in the app, as well as other
important data that app developers can use.

For businesses, they must also find out more about their competitors, especially the
things that they’ve incorporated in their own mobile applications.

Plan Ahead

When creating a mobile application, you want to think about two different types
depending on the need of your users. Are you going to create a content-based app or
one that is focused on data? Again, you must look at your research to find out which
one is the best for your end-users.

You also have to think about what kind of app you’re going to create. Mobile web apps
make use of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to create a glorified mobile website. Native
mobile apps have amazing performance but its biggest downside is that it can only be
used in one specific operating system.

Hybrid apps pretty much work like native-apps with the exception that they are cross-
platform, which means that both Android and iPhone users can use them.

Design and Development

The design of your mobile app is very important. There is only one thing that you need
to think about: usability. Make your application so easy to use that even non-tech-savvy
users can navigate through your app without getting lost.

A push for minimalism is good and make sure that you do not include any fluff or things
that do not really do anything for your app’s functionality.


Familiarize yourself with Section 508 compliance testing. It is a document that outlines
what an app is and what needs to be done in order to create it. Think of it as more of a
standardization procedure.

Learn more About the Approval Process

Make sure that before you even think of sending your app for approval that you actually
learn more information about the approval process beforehand. Keep in mind that both
Google and Apple have very different processes involved, so you want to get
acquainted with both.

Promote Your App

Once your application is launched, you can now employ measures to market your
application so that the people would know. You can use app store optimization to help
your app rank high in the app store. You also want to do some social media advertising,
though that will require some money and time.

Read Feedback and Adjust Accordingly

Once your app has been out for a while and people have left some reviews on your
app’s page, take their feedback into account so that you can further improve upon your