Are you thinking of buying a new watch? There are plenty of sleek watch designs in Malaysia that you can select from, and one option is a stainless steel watch. This type of watch can last for many, many years, provided that it’s given the utmost care.

Familiarize yourself with watch care, and the routines you must do to care to your stainless steel timepiece. You wouldn’t want it to appear dull over time. The openings at the metal bracelets can easily collect dirt and dust. Even with a water-resistant feature, it is still vulnerable to excess moisture and sweat.

1. Wrap the dial and strap with a soft cloth.

This is important to remove all initial layers of grime, dust and dirt.

2. Dip the timepiece in a soapy, warm water.

Fill up the clean bowl with warm water, and a bit of antibacterial dish. This can be used to remove debris and oils from the stainless steel watch. However, if your timepiece is not water- resistant, just dip the watch strap in the water.

3. Carefully scrub the stainless steel bracelet.

Use a clean, damp toothbrush in order to get into the bracelet’s crevices. Be mindful of the pressure you apply, since a heavy hand can cause scratches.

4. Rinse it with warm water.

Dip your watch band in warm water, and then run it under the sink to wash away the soap.

5. Use a soft cloth to dry it.

You can also use a hair dryer with a low-heat setting. This will quickly dry the links.

6. Add shine and sparkle.

How do you give your stainless steel watch its much needed shine? Spray a bit of glass cleaner on the soft cloth, and then wipe it down the face of the watch.