Since a lot of people are thinking of creating their own websites, many believe that web hosting is now a commodity. This notion made web hosting providers wary of their tactics and would provide meaningful services to those who need it at very affordable prices.

Now, because hosting companies typically provide the same thing, one would believe that you should choose the cheapest one that they can find and be done with it, but that is one of the most common mistakes people make. You see, although it may seem that on the surface, getting a $3/month service is so much better for the customer than getting a $6/month plan, that is usually not the case because you also have to take into account their value-added services as well. Sure, you might think that you are really saving money but you didn’t take into account their customer service, for example. So, whenever you have problems with your hosting provider and you are unable to get a hold of them, do you still think that you’ve gotten the better deal?

Cheap Hosting Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That It’s Better

The web hosting industry is saturated with many companies offering pretty much the same thing. One way of enticing people to go for their particular service is to make sure that they offer the cheapest hosting plans out there. But, what is usually in it for consumers? For one, you are mostly going to be placed in a shared server and let me expound that by the fact that you are going to share server resources with thousands of different websites. Now, you might think that this is a non-issue, but wait until you suffer from bandwidth loss as a result. Also, because they are catering to a lot of people (because people are usually drawn to the cheapest services that they can find), it would virtually be impossible for them to provide after-sales support or technical assistance to anyone who needs it. And unless you know how to troubleshoot things yourself, you are going to have a hard time doing that if you are not.

Transition is NOT Seamless

Assuming that you’ve finally seen the error in your ways and have decided to go for a more robust hosting solution, you might think that transitioning to another hosting provider is easy, but that is just not true.

Companies would always make it hard for you to transfer to another service. Sometimes, they might even hide important information from you so that you cannot contact them or something like that. I once had an issue with a hosting provider before in that for me to transfer to a new company, I would have to unlock their domains, give them a call for verification purposes, and would have to transfer my own domain myself because they will not help me with the move.

So in conclusion, do not necessarily fall for the cheapest hosting solution that you can find. It would still benefit you to look at different hosting reviews so that you will be aware of what you’re getting yourself into, should you get a hosting provider for your website.