First-time parents typically do not know what to do or what items to buy for their baby. They usually have this inclination that they must buy any baby item they could find.

Although we will always want what’s best for our child, you actually do not have to buy these baby “must-haves”. However, there are some essential things that you need to get such as baby clothes, milk bottles, and many more.

Do not worry because if you are looking for information on things that you need to buy and things that you can safely skip for your baby, then you’ve come to the right article.

Stick to the Essentials

New parents might not know the things that their baby needs and the things that their babies can live without. Here are just some of the essentials that you definitely have to buy for your newborn:

  • Car Seat– This is actually non-negotiable as there are some states and countries that would require parents to install one when they have a vehicle. That being said, there are plenty of different types of car seats, so make sure that you get one that is appropriate for your car and your baby.
  • Diapers and Wipes– It goes without saying that babies would require a lot of diapers. In fact, they will need an average of 6-10 diaper changes per day. If you are opting for disposable diapers, make sure to buy the bulkier packs since you can get a lot of savings by doing so. If you do not mind washing, then perhaps you can go with cloth diapers instead.
  • Cribs– The crib is where your baby sleeps, which is why it is important that you not only get a comfortable one but also one that is quite sturdy and durability to stand the test of time. You may opt for a convertible crib that can grow with your baby to help you save money.
  • Basic Clothing– For the most part, you can go with pajamas and onesies for your baby. Just make sure that you get those that are easy to put on and take off. As a rule of thumb, get one size bigger for your baby so that you can use it for a relatively long period of time.

The aforementioned items are considered essentials and should always be present at all times. That being said, here are some items that you can do without:

  • Shoes– Do not get me wrong, you want to offer as much protection to your baby as possible. However, newborns still cannot walk, which is why it is safe that you do not buy shoes for them, at least, not yet.
  • Changing TableChanging tables are cool because they allow you to change your baby with ease. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive and they take up too much space as well.
  • More than One Stroller– Baby strollers are quite good, especially if you are going outside with your baby. Because of the many different types available out there, parents might assume that you need more than one. No, you actually need only one. That is why it is important that you choose what’s best for your baby based on your current circumstances.