How do you choose the perfect watch for you? There are some people that would focus their attention toward the more prominent brands but they are usually quite expensive and unless you have the money to spend for that, you are better off going for something else. Choosing the right men’s watches will actually depend on your usage. I hate to break it down for you but there is no watch that fits every occasion. Sure, you can go for casual watches if you want, but that might not be the best timepiece to wear for formal occasions.

With so many different brands and configurations, one can easily get so stressed out just by looking at these options. Fortunately for you, you do not have to worry since I will provide you with some nifty information that can help you choose the right wristwatch for you for different occasions.

Choose a Much Simpler Design

There are so many different watch configurations out there and they may include some features that you will like, but if you want to wear a watch that you can wear on a lot of different occasions, I would highly recommend that you get a watch with a much simpler design. The reason why you want to do this is that simple watches can be worn on formal events and even just on your regular days. Aside from that, their style never grows old and they can be perfect even if you wear them for the next decade or so.

Select One that Fits Your Wrist

One of my pet peeves is for someone to wear watches that do not really fit them. When I see such people wearing a timepiece that doesn’t suit them, I always cringe. Selecting the right watch also means that it fits your wrist really well. Bigger men should go for those that have a bigger watch face and smaller men can settle for those that have smaller and thinner dials. Wearing a watch that doesn’t suit the size of your wrist will not only look bad on you but it also tells other people that you do not know how to choose the right one for you.

Consider the Watch Movement

There are many different types of watches out there but you can focus your attention on two: The Mechanical and the Quartz. The former makes use of a mainspring that the user should wind regularly to help tell the time accurately. Although you can always opt for an automatic watch if you do not want to do this. You can tell if it is a mechanical watch or not by simply looking at the second hand. If it does a smooth sweeping motion, then that is always a mechanical one. The Quartz watches are battery operated and because of this, it tells time more accurately than their mechanical counterparts. The only gripe that most people have about this watch type is that the second hand moves in a staggered fashion and may not be suitable for formal events precisely for that reason.