Many people are now interested in making money online as a form of side hustle in supplement their regular incomes. But, do you know that with right strategy and commitment, an online business can be a key source of income for you? Look into setting up your own affiliate marketing business in Malaysia. This is one of the easiest, fastest ways to make money through the internet.

Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money through the internet even if you don’t have a website, blog, or even your own products. By just following a few simple steps, you can start earning your first affiliate commissions instantly.

The affiliate marketing formula remains constant, no matter what niche you are working on. The primary task is to generate more traffic. Don’t worry, there are ways to generate more traffic without spending a lot. Start by creating regular content, guest blogging, and implementing a good social media strategy.

1. Use social media marketing to generate more traffic.

Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and other platforms are great avenues for viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. For instance, you can utilize video marketing to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise through screenshots, commentaries and live demonstrations.

2. Pick the right affiliate products and network for you.

Everything should be a perfect fit between you and the merchant. If not, all the promotional strategies wouldn’t work. It all starts with a reliable affiliate network. There are several networks out there that you can utilize, from Amazon to Etsy and ClickBank.

Not sure what kind of affiliate products to promote yet? Try exploring digital information products. These kinds of products offer higher commissions compared to physical items. It’s very easy to sell because people can have instant access to it anytime and anywhere they are.

3. Consider using pretty redirect links.

Make your links shorter and prettier. Ugly and long tracking links are uncomfortable to click and trust. Why not give yours a more professional look?

4. Research on the right affiliate marketing products.

An effective product strategy is crucial for new affiliate marketers. Pick a promising niche that can help you generate a bigger income, and at the same time, you are passionate about. This niche must be able to give you a vast selection of products that you can offer to different online communities. Though, since you are a newbie, be safe and just promote around three products.