3 Card Poker

One of the many iterations of poker is the 3-card game. It is actually one of the more popular ones and it is gaining traction, so much so that casinos are already incorporating the game into their portfolio. Newtown Casino is one of those institutions, so if you happen to be near the area, then you can certainly go there and have some fun!

Anyway, 3-card poker has been on the rise as of late simply because it quite easy to play and it is also enjoyable to do so at the same time. It is still played with a standard deck of cards, but in reality, it is actually two games in one.

The first part of the game is called the Play/Ante where you, as the player, will go head-to-head with the dealer to see which one of you has the highest possible combination of cards.

The other game mode is known as the Pair Plus game and this is where you will wager on whether or not you will be given a pair of cards or a better deal.

In most casinos, you can start betting on either of the games mentioned above, but there are some that would require players to play the first part of the game before they can bet for the pair plus portion.

How to Play

When the player goes to a 3-card poker table, you will see that there are three betting circles in front of every seat. One betting circle is labeled ‘Pair Plus’ to signify that you are betting for that portion of the game.

The other two circles are for the Ante and the Play bets that are going to be used for the base game. It starts with the player placing a wager in both the Pair Plus and/or Ante circle that is always equal to the table minimum (which is always visible at the start of the game).

After the bets have been placed, all of the players will receive a 3-card hand that is dealt by an automatic shuffle machine. The player that is seated on the left will be the one to start and follow a clockwise fashion for the other players to make their moves.

If the player has made an ante bet, they have the decision to either play their hand or fold. If they decide the latter, then they will forfeit their ante wager. Should the player continue, they will be asked to make an additional bet in the circle that is labeled “play” and the amount should be equal to the ante bet.

After the play bets have been made, the dealer will then reveal their 3-card hand. There is a ‘qualification’ process where the dealer’s hand should contain a queen card or higher for the game to continue.

Should the dealer not have any cards mentioned above, the players who have placed the ante and play bets are given even money.

If the dealer does qualify, they will compare their hand to the players’ hands. If your set of cards are better than the dealer’s, you will get both your ante and play bets. If the player has a losing hand, they will lose. In the off-chance that the game is a tie, the player still wins.