Website Design Trends You Can Follow This 2019 and Beyond

1. Animation and Interactivity

Humans are visual creatures. We are instantly drawn to engagement movements on our screens. From micro-interactions to moving images, expect to see more interesting movements on your screens. Interactivity and animation are set to surprise tons of users, and create inviting experiences.

2. More Gradients

This 2019, more and more designers would prefer using vibrant colors in their designs. This means the internet will be home to fresh, colorful websites that work with almost any kind of product and service. Gradients offer an eye-catching, rich vibe to layouts. So, if you want to make a much better impression to your visitors, give it a try.

3. Bigger Navigation

There is doubt that navigation is the crux of every website design layout. You need it to work well. It’s also important for your users to be engaged while navigating around. Addressing website navigation can be overwhelming, so you need to focus on it properly to generate more conversions.

4. Thumb-Happy Functionality

Mobile searches and browsing have officially taken over desktop. Since more and more people are browsing on their smartphones, you need to make sure that the overall navigating experience would be pleasant and engaging. Collaborate well with your website design company in order to understand how users are navigating through minimal movement.